What’s Group Life insurance?

With Group Life, we financially support those left behind if your employee dies in service. This can include cover for their spouse or partner. We understand that loss affects people in different ways. That’s why Group Life comes with bereavement support so the family left behind has someone to talk to. And we’ll be there for you and your employees too.

What’s included in our Group Life insurance policy?

When an employee dies, our Group life insurance will be there for loved ones. Our policies come with:

  • A free cover limit.
  • Once only underwriting.
  • Dependant pension option.
  • Spouse and partner cover.

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What are the benefits?

Our Group Life cover gives something extra to you, your employees and their families.

For you

  • Offer staff something different

    Stand out from competitors by including an employee benefits package with life insurance.

  • Manage your finances

    Under current UK tax laws, your premiums normally qualify as an allowable business expense.

  • Help them provide for their families

    Give your employees a helping hand in leaving money behind for their families.

  • Access to a Master Trust policy

    No need to set up a standalone trust for your policy – we’ll do it for you at no extra cost.

For your employees

  • On-going emotional support

    We’ll give the family access to bereavement counselling – as well as members of your team.

  • Financial support for the family

    We’ll pay a lump sum benefit if an employee dies in service. And they can use the money as they wish.

  • No inheritance tax

    Our lump sum payment does not usually form part of a member’s estate.

  • No need to pay additional tax

    As the premium isn’t classed as a ‘benefit in kind’, they won’t need to pay additional taxes on the money they receive.