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Don’t just accept your providers renewal terms or new business pricing, we will help you get better pricing.

At our cost, we complete a full market review and provide you with a whole market overview. With full market access we can assure your policy is at the best price available. If it looks like you need to switch, we will do it all for you and discuss exactly what switching entails, clearly and accurately.

Making claims can be stressful, but our clients all over the UK use our dedicated facility for all the assistance you may need.

Additionally, we can offer policies that provide exciting rewards, so you or your employees do not have to be ill to benefit from a healthcare policy. Also, with participation will greatly reduce absenteeism.  

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Aviva Health, AXA Health, BUPA, Signa, Exeter Friendly, General & Medical, National Friendly, Vitality Health, and WPA.