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Make waiting lists a thing of the past

Our Private Health Insurance gives you access to high-quality medical facilities across the UK. Get control over your healthcare and the treatment you need – without lengthy waiting lists.

You’ll enjoy benefits 1 such as an en suite room if you need to stay in hospital.  Prompt access to a consultant is available for both treatment and advice. And with no lengthy NHS waiting lists for operations, you won’t have to wait too long for the treatment you need.

You’re covered for

  • Acute conditions
    Our Private Health Insurance covers treatment for short-term illnesses or injuries that respond quickly to treatment (such as viruses or infections)
  • Access to 100s of hospitals
    Choose from a wide range of private UK hospitals and facilities, featuring the likes of BMI, Nuffield and Spire – you’ll also get access to NHS and Trust Partnership hospitals
    Private UK hospitals list PDF (325 KB)
  • Cancer care cover
    Cover for cancer diagnosis, treatment and aftercare as standard – read more about our cancer pledge
  • Hospital charges & specialist fees
    Our Private Health Insurance provides comprehensive cover, from diagnostic tests such as x-rays and scans, to specialists’ fees and aftercare
  • Out-patient consultations and treatment
    Enjoy comprehensive out-patient cover including diagnostic tests, consultations with fee-approved specialists and specialist treatment – including radiotherapy and chemotherapy

What you’re not covered for

  • Chronic conditions
    We cannot cover incurable long-term illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, epilepsy and asthma  – please note that cancer care is covered as standard
  • Pre-existing conditions
    We’re unable to cover any previous health condition you’ve had prior to applying for our cover
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
    We only cover treatment for complications during pregnancy and childbirth 2

Learn more about excluded conditions and what we’re unable to cover.

Excluded conditions PDF (545.6 KB)

Tailor your cover

Not everyone needs the same level of cover. That’s why Aviva have got a range of options you can add to your policy for an additional cost. You can also make your insurance more affordable by opting out of some cover options – the choice is yours.

Cover Specifically for Scotland and Northern Ireland

Pricing varies throughout the UK and most providers have different pricing for Central London. Aviva recognise this and offer their Signature Hospital List for Scotland and Northern Ireland at discounted rates.