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A unique plan in the Healthcare Market

Our Core Cover gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can get fast access to the highest-quality private healthcare, whenever you need it.

It’s also a great way to stay well, because we reward you for getting active, too.

Our Full Cover Promise

Unlike some other health insurance plans, that can leave you out of pocket when you claim, when we say ‘Full Cover’, that’s just what we mean. So, if we say ‘Full Cover’, we promise to pay all consultants and anaesthetists fees for in-patient and day-patient treatment, as long as the treatment is eligible on your plan and the consultant is recognised by us. And if it’s not in your plan – or it’s not covered in full by your plan – we’ll tell you upfront. That’s a promise, too.

All benefits are per insured member, per plan year, unless stated otherwise and subject to further terms and conditions. You must be treated at a hospital eligible under your plan.

In-patient and day-patient treatment

Hospital fees – Full cover

  • Includes overnight stays, nursing and any drugs you might need while in hospital. We also cover the costs of intensive care treatment and operating theatre charges.

Consultants’ fees – Full cover

  • As long as your consultant is registered with an accredited body and recognised by us, we pay your in-patient and day-patient consultant fees in full, including your surgeons’ and anaesthetists’ fees, physicians’ fees and other consultant appointments.

Diagnostic tests – Full cover

  • If you’re admitted to hospital as an in-patient or a day-patient, we pay for the diagnostic tests you need – things like blood tests and x-rays. We also pay for any MRI, CT and PET scans if required.


Out-patient treatment

Out-patient surgical procedures – Full cover

  • We pay for surgical procedures covered by your plan where you’re treated as an out-patient.

Family and KIDS !

REWARDS for Staff and Individuals

A healthy workplace is a happier, more productive one

We make it easy to get access to high quality care that is fair and rewarding

Why offer Business Health Insurance?

Recruitment and retention: Appeals to a wide range of employees and encourages them to engage with their health.

Productivity: Healthy organisations are 25 days a year more productive per employee than unhealthy organisations1.

Engagement: Three times as many healthy employees participate in workplace wellness programmes than sick employees1.

Sickness absence: Active employees have a 27% lower absence rate than inactive employees2.

1 Britain’s Healthiest Workplace 2017