Solutions Healthcare whole of market intermediaries in healthcare will help facilitate your Switch to another insurer, to include where possible medical conditions currently covered by April Health.

Company and Individual Plans currently with April UK.

April UK Health withdrew from the private healthcare market from 16th July 2018 , what does this mean for you or your business?

Your company or individual cover will cease from your renewal date on all policies from 16th July 2018. You will not be able to renew with them, and no new claims will be accepted. We have however assurances from other healthcare providers that they will, where possible, take on your policy with immediate effect.

Why SWITCH now and not wait until renewal.
You can wait until renewal but the risk is the materialisation of any new medical conditions, they can only be covered until the renewal date and therefore you and your company policy may not be offered Switch terms from another provider.

Below is the announcement in part from April UK.


Customers with an existing APRIL UK private medical insurance plan will continue to receive cover until their next renewal date. However at renewal, we will no longer be able to issue renewal terms. Customers will be notified of this 30 days before their renewal date and invited to contact their broker to seek alternative cover.

Naturally we are disappointed to make this announcement. The nature of the market has made it difficult for a ‘new’ provider like us to develop a sustainable portfolio and negotiate competitive claims costs with private hospital operators and consultants that are in-line with other insurers in the market.

Solutions Healthcare have agreements in principal from other providers and we will endeavour to Switch your policy on a like for like benefit basis to them, who include AVIVA Health, AXA PPP, BUPA, Vitality Health, WPA or others if on an individual plan.

To speak to us confidentially and for all advice concerning your APRIL UK policy please call 0141 221 3011 or mail us at